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Lazer Tag Mobile Attack Blaster Set



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If you’ve ever paid to play laser tag, you’ll appreciate knowing that you can take the fun home with you for a fraction of the cost with this Lazer Mobile Attack Defend (M.A.D.) Team Laser Tag Set! Included are two (2) headsets and two (2) lazer blasters to get you started! Play heads up or get your friends to pick a set up and battle them by using the Team Selector Switch located on each headset and lazer blaster. Find your enemies in the dark with the integrated light pointer. Want to know how you’re matching up against your opponent(s)? Check out the Life Point Indicator on the side of your headset which will tell you how much remaining “life” you have left! The Physical Shock feature will shake your headset each time you get hit. The number of shakes indicate how many more hits you’ll be able to take before it’s too late and the battle’s over. After a hit, you’ll be given a 15 second grace period where you’re safe from enemy fire. Bring the fun home and pick up this Lazer Mobile Attack Defend (M.A.D.) Team Laser Tag Set today!

Product Features:

  • Power Indicator – On/Off Team Selector
  • Light Pointer (optional) – Light Beam Focus and Emitter
  • Armor – Vision Filter
  • Two (2) Lazer Blaster
  • Two (2) Headsets

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