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In this article we are going to be reviewing the different laser tag equipment prices and how much does laser tag equipment cost. A lot of people can get confused or overwhelmed when looking for laser tag equipment, this is because there are a lot of different laser tag equipment manufactures in today’s laser tag industry.

Laser Tag Equipment Deals

Laser tag equipment prices range from $10 to upwards of $1,000 for some laser tag equipment sets. The best way to purchase laser tag equipment is to look for laser tag equipment deals. We have outlined some of the best laser tag equipment deals that are currently on the market. These laser tag equipment sets are moderately priced and come in sets of two or more.

Laser Tag Equipment Reviews

We have listed three of the best laser tag equipment sets currently on the market. You will be able to get laser tag equipment info and laser tag equipment reviews on the best laser tag equipment. All of our reviews are done by actual people who love laser tag and have been playing the sport for years. We take pride in our laser tag equipment reviews and make sure you are receiving the most relevant, useful information. This helps you buy laser tag equipment with confidence in knowing that you are purchasing the best laser tag equipment for your budget.

Lazer Tag Mobile Attack Blaster Set with 2 Guns & 2 Headsets

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Best set since the (now $600!) Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe., March 27, 2010

What is as much fun as paintball without the welts and mess? Laser/Lazer Tag! Laser Tag combines the exact same action, strategy and team building that paintball but also allows you to play it inside and with people not willing to get hurt to have fun. But as with paintball, Laser Tag can be expensive if you have to go to places that rent the equipment, sell overpriced food, etc. But if you own the equipment, you can play ANYWHERE for free. With this set the only on going cost is recharging your batteries unlike paintball where you need to purchase new balls every time you play.

So for less than a video game system or a few days playing paintball or Laser Tag at places, you can purchase your own equipment and have tons of fun (while learning and getting exercise) with another friend or even the entire neighborhood.

Now on to this exact product. I have played Laser Tag in 2 commercial locations using different brands of equipment, as well as having used four different sets of home Laser Tag equipment. Besides this set, I have played with Lazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe ASIN B00023C3ZU, PHOENIX LTX Lazer Tag system B0013U5JSE, and the Nerf Lazer Tag system that replaced the Phoenix LTX B0026J7EIO.

Honestly I have liked something about each system I have played on as they all have places they each excel. The commercial stuff is fun but heavy which results in less fun at the end of the day for me and is why most people stop after an hour or two at those places. The Phoenix LTX and the Nerf branded units that “replaced” it in 2009 are lots of fun and are more durable then the Team Ops or this set you are looking at. The Phoenix LTX guns are heavier and would no doubt stand up to more abuse then the lighter sets. That being said, most of the people that have the Phoenix LTX based sets end up replacing them with something 2 piece for a more complete experience.

The Team Ops system set the bar with what you could do with home equipment and remains the golden standard for almost all players. Nothing since has been as enveloping as it has been guns only systems where you are forced to just shoot with the heavy guns, losing the Spy/James Bond experience of sneaking up with a light headset based system. That is why the Team Ops system sells for six hundred dollars now on Amazon. That being said, this Moblie Attack system takes everything that Team Ops does plus adds a feature new features like buzzing in the headset not just the guns when you are hit and clearer color separation so you know who is on which team.

Oh and then there is that that for right now, this set is less than one forth the Team Ops price! But these like the Laser Tag sets before them were made in limited quantities so expect the price to rise until they disappear. Since main home systems in terms of production quantity and store placement remain the one piece heavier gun style, these lighter two piece sets will always be in demand and be hard to find. I sold all of my heavy gun LTX based units after playing with these two times and couldn’t be happier 6 months later. But remember, all of these lighter headset based systems require you protect them. Do not buy these for someone who is going to throw them in toy box when they are done for the day. Do not buy these for people that get very physical during game play (like tackling players) which is very rare but I figured I would bring it up.

My recommendation? Get at least 2 sets so you can play with 4 people. Or depending on price, grab 4 sets to allow 8 people to play at once and to replace broken pieces over time so you aren’t having to spend 600 dollars in 18 months to replace something.

Much success!, December 28, 2009

I got this laser tag set for my dad for xmas and we’re having a ton of fun. So it’s great for grown up kids too!


Lazertag System 2PK by Hasbro

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A TON of fun, especially in larger groups, November 9, 2009

This is an excellent product that is a lot of fun for many ages. Thanks to this unit we have an active club going strong. Forgive the long review, but this unit deserves it in my mind.

Fun – It is a blast, especially in groups. This really is for adults as well as kids, and if you get a group of people together to do this, you will have a blast. There are many videos of people playing with this and previous generations on Youtube. Search ‘Phoenix LTX’, ‘Tagfest’, ‘Lazer Tag Team Ops’, and you’ll probably find a lot.

Range – These taggers (guns) have a range of about 350-400 feet, maybe further (maybe a bit less in bright sun).

Features – These taggers have several features to enhance the playability. a) 10 or 25 tags – you can set a switch to set your ‘life’ at 10 or 25 tags. This can help balance some scenarios where differences in numbers or age/experience might make things unfair. b) Indoor/outdoor mode – this helps reduce the sensitivity of the receivers – reduces splash damage you get while playing inside. The IR signal can reflect off walls and make it pretty easy to take hits, even around corners and off your clothing. c) Accessory connectors for more options (see below) d) Realistic reload – you drop a fake ‘clip’ out of the bottom of the grip, much like an ammo clip. e) realistic recoil – there is a hammer that lights up and pops out a little with each shot, and also a vibration with each shot/hit that add to the experience.

Accessories – There is already a shotgun attachment developed, as well as a green dot site. These slide on to connectors on the tagger to give additional capabilities. There are also rumors of more weapon attachments in the pipeline. There was also a video game accessory to let you play 1 player vs. the computer on a TV, but it was pretty useless, and you probably won’t see that any more. If you play with the older LTTO style taggers, you can actually join games hosted by the older taggers.

Exercise – Depending on your gameplay style, you can get as much exercise out of it as you want. The range on these guns is hundreds of feet (a bit less in full sunlight), so you can easily get winded running around inside the playable area.

Eductional – I know – it’s a shooter game… but it teaches basic strategy, tactics, and teamwork, and even the younger kids are starting to pick up some of these concepts.

Durability/Battery life (cost of ownership) – The taggers (guns) are very rugged – if you compare the cost of the system with a commercial lazer tag rental facility- you will make your money back in a couple of sessions of playing, and these taggers last a long time. We are still using all of the taggers we bought over the year, though some of them are developing glitches. Battery life is also very good – even with rechargeables (which seem to be a little less effective, but much cheaper in the long run), the batteries will last several sessions of playing.

Online Communities – Very active online community (there’s several newsgroups including an active one on Yahoo, search for ‘Lazer Tag Team Ops’). The user community and the available technical information on the web opens the door for tech-minded to tear them down and ‘mod’ them to give them additional features. You may have to solder some stuff, clip some wires, or similar, but some of this is pretty cool. Even me, the solder-novice – has gotten into this a little bit with a few minor mods.

Interaction with others – You can play team-based games of 2 teams. The largest game we had was 36 players at once and it was a bit chaotic, but fun.

Cons -
Can’t change the brightness of the LEDs – these are EXTREMELY bright while playing at night, and not only can this effect your aiming, but it gives away your position. We find 2 layers of scotch tape colored with black sharpie work well to dim it down a bit.

Joining hosted games is painful – Mostly a complaint about interacting with older taggers – joining LTTO hosted games is clunky at best.

Lack of Attachments – This is not a failing in the unit, but this particular packaging. This set is a re-offering of the original LTX, which came out last year, but this set has been rebranded under the Nerf brand. Unlike last year’s model, this set is sold without the green dot sight and ‘shot blast’ attachment (at a lower price, granted). I believe it’s their intention to sell the attachments separately, but they are not on shelves yet. In this economy, that may not happen if the interest in the line doesn’t improve. That would be a complete shame, since this is one of the coolest ‘toys’ I’ve ever played with.

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